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Facebook app-event/tracking?

JesperKrammingJesperKramming USMember ✭✭


I would like to implement facebook app-event (activation and purchases) tracking inside my iOS App. I have installed the Xamarin.Facebook.iOS into my iOS project.

But have no idea how to implement this, no exemples found...

I guess i need some authentication and then call events for activation and purchases.

Anyone have an idea how to implemed this i would be really happy.



  • You'll probably need to reference the Facebook component/package in your AppDelegate.cs file. (At least, that's where I tried.) If you've already installed the Xamarin.Facebook.iOS component, you'll probably want to just type in the necessary code in one of the status methods (like onActivated or something like that, I think they're near the bottom); if you write it before you add the using statement above, you might be able to resolve it so that it auto-adds the missing "using" statement in the using sections at the top of the code.

    I found this link to help with Facebook.iOS, but I don't believe I used all that code specifically for my project; I most likely used some other AppEvent-type class from Xamarin.Facebook.iOS to log the activation. Another resource which has non-Xamarin code (but might help you figure out how purchase tracking works) is here.

    Hope this helps.

  • joben12joben12 Member ✭✭

    does this work on xamarin forms?

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