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My cross-platform project have many java related errors related to android in new laptop.

Xama2018Xama2018 USMember ✭✭
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My Xamarin development environment was setup in my desktop and laptop PCs in December 2017. The cross-platform project was built & deployed without problems in my desktop and laptop PCs until my laptop (screen problem) was replaced with new one by the manufacturer. But when a new laptop replaced the old one, 'build' for the same project is full of java related errors. It is like "the solution developed in the development environment that was setup in last December can't be built without errors in the development environment that was setup in this April".

I have been spending so many hours to fix this problem but the problem was still not fixed.

One of 80+ errors is as below:

error: reference to n_onPrepareActionMode is ambiguous. return n_onPrepareActionMode (p0, p1); both method n_onPrepareActionMode(ActionMode,Menu) in CellAdapter and method n_onPrepareActionMode(ActionMode,Menu) in CellAdapter match. C:\Users\johnp\source\PC-Savior-T-master\App\PCSaviorTech.XForms\PCSaviorTech.XForms.Droid\obj\Debug\android\src\md51558244f76c53b6aeda52c8a337f2c37\

Can someone help?


  • BillyLiuBillyLiu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I think it may be caused by your new environment. Could you reproduce this issue in a new blank project?
    You could try to clean and rebuild the project. And you could also try to manually delete the obj and bin folder, then rebuild the project.

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