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Xamarin.Forms WebView while scrolling freezes content (CSS, HTML) progress

DominikGanicDominikGanic DEMember ✭✭

Hi guys, it's me again.

I've built a Xamarin.Forms application which contains a full width/height WebView inside. Now, when I start scrolling on that WebView, it freezes my HTML page in the WebView.

For example, any progressbar which is loading on the HTML content of the WebView stops loading / progressing while I'm scrolling. When I finish scrolling, it still doesn't continue the progressbar until I tap inside the WebView on the content, suddenly it starts loading again to the next time I start scrolling.

It's like the WebView freezes while scrolling and waiting for any gestures (tap) to continue the HTML / JS workflow. Or it stops rendering while scrolling, I don't know!

How can I prevent this? I'd like to scroll and let the WebView content work asynchronously farther.

I've tried it only on android devices so far. About iOS there are no informations right now, will test it later. But I guess it's a android problem with their WebView.

I appreciate any answer on this!

Thanks a lot,


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