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Github clone breaks Xamarin.Forms project

We're developing a mobile app, our team is growing and we need to have a source control method to commit changes between team members. We've tried using Github and Visual Studio Team Services, but when cloning the project to a Mac with Visual Studio, all the references are broken and the nugget restore never works. The app was mainly developed on Windows, but on forums they say that projects between Mac and Windows VSs are compatible, just to ensure to not copy the bin and obj folders.
Before running the project, we clean de solution and rebuild it, with no success. When trying to restore the nugget projects we get the following error:

Restore failed in 132.78 ms for path_to_project/ProjectName/ProjectName.Android/ProjectName.Android.csproj.

NuGet Config files used:

Feeds used:
"api nuget org index.json" the default link to the index.json in VS
Restore failed.

And when compiling, it even doesn't recognize Xamarin.Forms. The app, of course compiles and runs without issues on the computer where we started developing it. Any ideas?


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    Is there more information about the restore problem? Restore failed does not tell me much about what the problem is. Is there a full package console output you can post?

    Also how does your project reference the NuGet packages? (packages.config or PackageReferences or project.json).

    If the restore fails then I would not expect all the assemblies to be available and restored locally, which sounds like what you are seeing.

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