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Error: Could not find any available provisioning profiles for iOS.

Hay Community,

I want to develop my iOS App on my iPhone 7 11.4 Device.
When I do it with XCode, it works fine.
But my Visual Studio for Mac says: "Error: Could not find any available provisioning profiles for iOS."
I know, that this problem is not a rarity, but all solutions, which I found, didn't help me for my problem.
Either I didn't understand the solution or the solution didn't help.


  • Nobody who can help me?

  • ConwayConway USMember ✭✭

    I'll assume Xcode and VS4Mac are running on the same mac. A possible reason for your issue is that the BundleID of your VS app is different from your Xcode app, and the provisioning profile used in Xcode doesn't match. Another possible reason is that your VS app has entitlements that the Xcode doesn't have; entitlements have to be identified with the AppID (as Application Services) and the AppID needs to be fully qualified (no wildcards). This AppID needs it's own provisioning profile for development (and distribution). There could be other reasons.

    Both Xcode and VS4Mac have automatic provisioning which tries to create the signing profiles automatically. I find that it doesn't work well, so we use manual provisioning. For simpler situations, automatic provisioning should work. Xamarin has a explanation of provisioning here: They describe manual, automatic and free provisioning.

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