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[Xamarin.UITest] Not able to identify the control in Microsoft Sign in page.

wakhtar019wakhtar019 Member

Have to enter the alias in text box and tap on the Next button in Mobile. But I am not able to find the control using below query:
1. app.Query(x => x.Id("NoResourceEntry-23").Id("i0116"))
2. app.Query(x => x.Id("NoResourceEntry-23").All().Id("i0116"))
3. app.Query(x => x.Id("NoResourceEntry-23").Child().Id("i0116"))
4. app.Query(x => x.Id("NoResourceEntry-23").Descendant().Id("i0116"))
Attached Url for screen image.

Thanks in advance.
M Wasim


  • WilliamWattersonWilliamWatterson USUniversity ✭✭

    Hi @wakhtar019 - were you able to find a solution to this?

    I am also facing a similar issue. My issue is using the Microsoft B2C login. It opens a separate web window which my UI test cant interact with since its not technically part of the app. Is this your issue too?

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