Crossplatform Html Content and Copy,Share events

turkgencturkgenc Member ✭✭

WebServis provide HTML content. This content include HTML tag and style such as

<p>,<span style="font-weight:bold">, <img> 


I try LabelHtml (as Pluging), support some html tag, but image not working in label. Android support Spanned but not found match in xamarin.
Other text content shown but styles lost.

Another problem not selectable data in Label. In android, "android:textIsSelectable." is enough some version. But xamarin not found selectable label.

I want to select some part of text, or image or anything in container(Label, WebView etc) to share or copy.

I dont know, Label is confortable for this?

thanks for advice


  • turkgencturkgenc Member ✭✭

    Editor component support select->copy paste or Share property. Problem is that when click text open keyboard for change. But it is html content not changable also select, copy share property.

    any idea for this problem?

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