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Visual Studio/Xamarin are constantly having to be repaired/rebuilt

ike_barrettike_barrett Member ✭✭

Forgive me if this is considered off topic, but I am hoping someone has some advice for me. I am a "light-weight" in the world of programming and a hobbyist...all self-taught. I have programmed several WPF projects for personal use/fun and decided to move towards app development. I like the idea of Xamarin and I actually do feel that the amount of time I am programming is pretty productive for the amount of the results I get.

The problem is that since moving into cross platform development, I am getting more and more errors where I try all of the recommended solutions, but the ultimate fix is I am having to clean-close-delete obj/bin folders, off-load the nuget packages and then reload, and even completely repair visual studio (typically after a Xamarin.Forms update--I have only been doing part time hobby development and in maybe four months of an hour here/hour there a rebuild of visual studio fixing the problem has worked 3 times...I typically verify/test this by simply starting a new app and seeing if it compiles...and it doesn't.) This seems excessively high to me and in reality it feels like every 15-20 hour of programming I am having to spend a couple of hours of doing this. If I was doing this for a living, I would be broke.

My question is that I feel there is probably something I am doing wrong. Is anyone else having this same problem or am I missing something in the basic setup that all of the tutorials are missing? Is there any advice...this is getting pretty discouraging.


  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @ike_barrett My advice? Don't upgrade so often. To be fair I am not seeing any of the issues you mentioned, but in the 'olden' days of early Xamarin stability was really very poor, but now it is much better. Not perfect no, but as you have found you can be quite productive.
    My strategy is to use version control obviously (VSTS would be free for you), don't update mid dev cycle unless you have a specific bug that you know is fixed. And never go bleeding edge with Xaramin Forms, we are still on a v2.4 release. I am scheduling an update to v3 after in one of our next few dev cycles. With version control, if the v3 update goes pare shaped I can just revert the changes.

  • ike_barrettike_barrett Member ✭✭

    So I guess the old adage, this simplest solution is the best. I think I also need to commit to using version control more frequently...I do it, but I will say that it is not my first thought. I feel like I will do a couple of hours where I touch several aspects of the program and don't commit. Thanks for the advice...I hate that I asked it and feel a little embarrassed at the simplicity of it.

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