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gurhangulmezgurhangulmez TRMember
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I am working at one of the biggest bank in Turkey , QNB Finansbank.
And we have started a Xamarin Project.

We are searching for the list of UI Kit choices.

Is there anyone who have the knowledge about Xamarin crossplatform UI Kits.

I know that Telerik and Grial are good choices. But other good choices?

Thanks !



  • GarettBreenGarettBreen USMember ✭✭

    For UI, I've found Syncfusion and Infragistics along with the ones you said.

    I've never actually used any of them (too pricey for an independent developer like myself) but the docs and examples seem pretty good for all the choices.

    Also, if you're going for MVVM and want a good framework for it, I would also look at Prism. I've been using that for a bit now and it has been very powerful and easy to use.

  • RizaanLakayRizaanLakay USMember ✭✭
    Hi, we tried to put together a free project that might help.

    Check out.

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