Possible bug with Navigation and Activity Indicator UWP

Hi guys,

recently started with Xamarin and having a few issues. The main one is that the MDP navigation disappears after I navigate back from a navigation page inside the details page and that happens only on UWP. Android works surprisingly fine.

Another issues is that my activity indicator on UPW shows just a black gray line (no dots).

After some testing, I found that both issues can be solved by the following:

  1. When I start the app first time, I open a login screen. If I enter my login details, the and hit login , the activity indicator will show as a gray bar , not the dots. BUT, if I first navigate away from the login screen, for example push the registration screen on the navigation stack and just open it and hit the back button, the activity indicator will behave normally (showing three dots).

  2. Same thing with the Navigation, after I log in, I replace the root page with a MDP. If I navigate away on the first Details page (for example my details page shows me the recent appointments I have, if I hit "Add New Appointment", and I come back to the root page again, the Navigation bar completely disappears . BUT, if I open the Master Page first, and navigate to another Details page, and come back to the apportionment page, the navigation won't disappear.

So both of those things happen on UWP, android works fine!

It seems like it doesn't load everything it needs on the first appearing.

I must note, I did try this without my content and a simple stacklayout and it behaved the same in my project. Also I don't do anything fancy, just basic staff, pushying navigation etc.

Does anyone have an idea what is happening?



  • NNNilsNNNils BEMember ✭✭

    I can confirm the behaviour of the activity indicator. (Maybe this is specific to 2.5 haven't done the upgrade to 3.0 yet).

    But it only started recently. (I guess abotu two weeks ago).

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