Can not add constraints to UI elements in storyboard designer

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Hey experts,
since the latest update to VS 2017 15.6 I can not add constraints to UI elements in storyboard designer.
If I add the first component to a viewcontroller every works ok. If I add a second or third element it is not possible to add the layout constraints to it. When I drag e.g. a top-layout constraint no green line gets blue and it's not possible to drop the constraint.

Do you have also problems like that or do I something wrong?

I've installed the latest VS 2017 15.6 and on my MAC the latest VS 7.5 for MAc is istalled.

I get a little bit annoyed in the last time because a stable development with Xamarin is getting hard, especially when trying to use the latest updates.

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  • SimonFannerSimonFanner USMember ✭✭

    I am also having the same issues that started with the 15.6 update! I'm glad to know I'm not going crazy and it isn't just me. I also found for some views it will add them but the guide lines won't turn green. The last issues I've had today nothing seems to work. Can still edit constraints on some other storyboards and am able to add them in a xib file I was working in, but the storyboard editor appears to have some issues.

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