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Visual Studio Android Emulator Error XDE Exit Code 10 - Stopping after OS is Starting Screen

API2018API2018 Member ✭✭

I've tried to launch Visual Studio Emulator for Android and received an error which is defined XDE Exit Code (10). When I change any device in Visual Studio Android Emulator, the error message didn't change all the time "Exit Code 10".

Visual Studio 2017 Xamarin Android Properties:

Target Framework: Android 8.1 Oreo
Use Share Runtime: Unchecked / Disable
Build General Platform Target: Any CPU
Minimum Android Version: Android 4.2 API Level 17
Target Android Version: Android 8.1 API Level 27
Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7.2
Visual Studio Android Emulator Version 27.1.12


Xamarin.Android does not support running the previous version. Please ensure your solution builds before running or debugging it.

2>Starting deploy 4.5" KitKat (4.4) HDPI Phone ...

2>Starting emulator 4.5" KitKat (4.4) HDPI Phone ...

2>Validating emulator arguments...

2>Determining if the emulator is already running...

2>Preparing virtual machine...

2>Launching emulator...

2>Could not launch 'VS Emulator 4.5" KitKat (4.4) HDPI Phone' device. Exit code 10.

2>Emulator 4.5" KitKat (4.4) HDPI Phone cannot be started.


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