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String object's memory does not clear after a GC and occupies a lot of memory.

I created a simple android app where I create a string using a StringBuilder which is very long and store it into a string variable. Then if I navigate away from that layout or force a GC call that memory for that string is not released completely.


  • EspectrosEspectros Member ✭✭

    in the OnDestroy Method call GC.Collect();
    I ran into this same problem, seems that GC never sees the objects to be removed from memory.
    I can think is a workaround

  • SushilTripathi.9693SushilTripathi.9693 USMember ✭✭

    I did call the GC.Collect() and also marked the strings and StringBuilder as null before calling it, but then too it does not release the memory.

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