client server address function best practice

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I am creating an app that is not specific to one user or company, so say my app uses a companies api for a Management system & there can be many instances in different companies. So my app would be able to apply there endpoint or ip address. This is also an issue for when I am testing I constantly have to change my ip addresses as well for different locations.

So say my login screen has the usual Username & Password, i would also like to enter an URL so my the app can hit the clients server to get access to there data.

What are people's thoughts on this functionality?

I have also seen where the ip address is saved so on next login it can automatically hit that server then user can enter details.

So I am think a db that stores Connection instances so that people can move to different locations/branches and have a list of different Connections.cs (ie).
Probably assuming there is some sort of internet connection checking happens as well.
I am just new to mobile dev, and want to approach this type of implementation the best practice possible.

Thank you!


  • DanielHindrikesDanielHindrikes SEMember ✭✭

    If you have login with email addresses you can determine what company they working for by the domain. You send the email or just the domain to your API and the API will return a url to the company specific API. It's not harder than that :)

  • kiwibeenzkiwibeenz Member ✭✭

    @DanielHindrikes this isnt about login, i need to be able to go one company attach to that companies network, and then when i move to another company I can apply a different network Url and login.

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