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Need explanation: Android SDK Manager repositories (Microsoft, Google)

There is a small gear icon at the right-bottom corner in Android SDK Manager, which is available in Visual Studio for Mac (VS4M->Tools ->SDK Manager).
It allows to choose one of the available repositories. The options are:

  • Microsoft (recommended)
  • Google (unsupported)

By default, the Google Repository is selected, though it's not recommended (as the option's name states).
If I choose Microsoft Repository (recommended one), I see following differences in the list of available platforms and tools:

  • Preview of Android P platform is not available in Microsoft Repository;
  • Latest NDK version is lower in Microsoft Repository (17+ from Google, and 16+ from Microsoft);
  • Sizes of corresponding components are different in different repositories;
  • Perhaps, some other (didn't check thoroughly)

After restarting VS4M, the Google Repository is selected, despite the fact I choose Microsoft one before restart.

So, can someone explain what is the sense and purpose of this setting? Should I use Microsoft Repository to download Android SDK components? What are pros and cons? Any information (or links to information) is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Dmitry_UpovalovDmitry_Upovalov RUMember ✭✭

    Some findings after a while. In case someone face the same question.

    If you install Android SDK using Android Studio or other way different from VS4M installer, then the default repository will be the Google's one (even if you install/update additional components from the Microsoft repository).

    If you install Android SDK using VS4M installer, then the Microsoft repository will be used by default (VS4M installs Android SDK from Microsoft repository).

    So, I switched to Microsoft repository by doing fresh install of VS4M, just to ensure the Android SDK is most compatible with Xamarin. Though, the practical difference between these two repositories is still unclear.

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