xamarin ios project LaunchScreen.storyboard shows black screen

Hello, i have tried all the solutions provided in most of the forums.
Basically, i have created a Launchscreen.storyboard and added it in ios project properties in "Launch Storyboard" field and "Main Interface".
Launchscreen story board is simple with one image and two labels.
Below is the list i have checked:

1) made the viewcontroller as "Is Initial View Controller" checked.
2) checked info.plist with "Launch screen interface file base name" to have my "Launchscreen.storyboard" selected.
3) In storyboard document checked "Can be Launch Screen"
3) Deleted app from simulator and re-run simulator many times almost after each change

Did all of the above but stil i get black screen when app launches.

Please help
New to xamarin forms, using visual studio with xamarin on windows and simulator on mac agent.


  • SilvioCHSilvioCH CHMember

    I have the same problem. Is there any Solution for this?

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