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How to create project template in VS for Mac?

Hi All,

I want to create project template for VS for mac, I don't found "Project Template" in VS for Max. I found this Archives at said something about Template Creator for Visual Studio for Mac, I don't found it in my VS for Mac do I miss something? Or is this a extension for VS for Max I need to installed?

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  • barton7137barton7137 Member

    @mattward said:
    The Template Creator addin is a separate extension that can be installed. There are some installation instructions at the end of that blog post. If you open the Extensions Manager (main menu - Extensions), select the Gallery tab, then you can search for the template creator addin and install it.

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your explanation. I still have questions for this, can the project template I created be installed by another VS for Mac ? If can is this specific VS for Mac need install The Template Creator too?

    Best wishes,

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