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Google Play Services - Cast

I'm looking for a small nudge leveraging Google Cast APIs. I am looking to implement Remote Display example here, but I am having issues with my implementation of CastRemoteDisplayLocalService, in which the OnCreatePresentation(Display display) method of my implementation is not being called. I would greatly appreciate it very much if someone has implemented a Cast Remote Display with these components to help a brother out!


  • PeterNaldalPeterNaldal DKUniversity

    Hi Ryan and others
    I am working on a similar project trying to combine Googles Casting guidelines with the Xamarin demo BasicMediaRouter, but when the casting route is selected no PresentationDisplay is available. I have now tried to start out from the java demo CastRemoteDisplay instead, but it crashes right away when started on my phones. Have you Ryan or others had any success in developing Xamarin apps (native or forms) that implements casting to remote displays?

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