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Problems with Scrolling text

So I am making a fairly simple app but ran into a bit of a problem. I am transferring a fairly long string from one activity to another and unfortunately when the textview fills with the content I pass over, I am unable to scroll through the text.

Essentially I read in JSON from a webservice, parse the parts into each class member, and then use the PutExtra method to include each string value in the next page.

There are 4 strings that I am passing over(news.title, news.body, news.caption,, and as far as I know the entire string is being passed. I have four textviews set up to receive and output the strings and so far it works fine.

Well the longest string (the body string), is too long to display on the screen without a scroll bar to navigate further down. I have gone into the textview properties for the body's textview and enabled a scroll box to be vertical and inside inset.

When I go to load up my app (debugging on the emulators), it will load the second page, with the string values in the text boxes, and even flash for the brief moment that the scrollbar is on the left-hand side. However when I try to click (desktop emulator) and drag to scroll it will not move.

My question is do I have this set up wrong for what I am trying to do (nothing fancy, just scroll through text that to long to display) or might this have something to do with the emulators. I have never worked in Android app development before so any help is good help!

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  • Thank you! It works for me

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