Problem with Android Activity

Hi, im working in a app to read barcodes, i open a android activity to use Google service vision,

I open the activity like this

DependencyService.Register<Scanner_Vision>(); DependencyService.Get<Scanner_Vision>().OnCreateAc();

in my activity everything work fine and scan well but i dont know how return the value to mi origin page

i think in two options:

1 in a global variable save the value but when i finish the Activity in mi origin the OnAppearing method does not trigger

` public void ReceiveDetections(Detections detections)
SparseArray qrcodes = detections.DetectedItems;
if (qrcodes.Size() != 0)
txtResult.Post(() =>
//global variable
App.variablesGlovales.CodigoBarras = ((Barcode)qrcodes.ValueAt(0)).RawValue;


2 StartActivityForResult but i don't understand how it works

thanks for help.

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