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Mapkit is causing a crash on IOS 11.x

My app is crashing on devices running IOS 11.x where as it is working fine on IOS version < 11 i.e 10.x or 9.x, code which is causing a crash is related to MKMapview, in debugger I can see the below pice of information

Could not inset compass from edges 9
Could not inset scale from edge 9
Could not inset legal attribution from corner 4

Let me know if someone has faced/solve this kinda issue.


  • KenonRonz.9009KenonRonz.9009 USUniversity

    I am experiencing this same issue. Any luck solving it?

  • msalmanmsalman Member

    In my case it was UIVisualEffectView which was causing the crash, there was some changes in the view hierarchy and now we need to add sub views in the content view and not the direct UIVisualEffectView object, I was showing this on top of map view so I first thought if it was related to map view.

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