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Xamarin.Mac iCarousel Misbehaves

AllanChin.6924AllanChin.6924 USUniversity ✭✭✭
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My team has implemented Xamarin's iCarousel control which is working nicely, for the most part. However, we are noticing a rendering issue when our app is dragged across multiple monitors. Here's what it looks like normally.

I have an iMac and an HP 2509p 2nd monitor. The problem only occurs when dragging the app from the iMac to the HP monitor. Not the other way around. And it doesn't correct itself if the app is dragged back to the iMac. Also, this doesn't seem to happen when dragging from a MacBook to a 2nd monitor. All the carousel items get overlaid on top of each other, and they get squished up onto the upper, right-hand corner. And the carousel corrects itself if I click around the squished rendering. It seems to be a specific spot, but I can't identify exactly where. I've confirmed that the carousel control itself has not changed it's original size.

And here's the squished carousel.

Is there a fix for this, or something I can add to my code to detect and correct it on-the-fly?



  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Without an example for people to look at, it is not likely that people here are going to be able to help. There are too many possibilities to enumerate.

    On top of that, since it is in the iCarousel control, which although is wrapped to be usable in C#, it actually Objective-C:

    I would consider working this issue from three sides:

    • Generate a small sample, outside of your codebase that you can share, showing the issue and filing an issue with the control provider
    • Post said sample here
    • Write some code to print the visual tree Bounds/Frames and see what changes when you switch screens. Maybe instrument your code and see if any of your view code is being called. You could look into dtrace if you have to, but something is obviously happening under the hood.

    In any case, I seriously doubt without evidence that it's a XM bug. It sounds like just strange AppKit behavior.

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