Azure Mobile Services and Json.NET

Microsoft changed Azure Mobile Services for every platforms(.net 4.5,WP,WinStore) to use Json.NET and this can be found on latest stable version 1.0.2 from Nuget.
I see Xamarin use "Windows.Data.Json" implementation(the version from Component Store), do you plan to release a version that use Json.NET?
I'm asking because I'm writing a cross-platform lib that use Azure Mobile Services and I want to share same code.


  • EricMaupinEricMaupin USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Microsoft is currently reviewing it before it makes its way to the component store, but it's available in source form here:

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta
    edited November 2013

    I tried to get and compile that version, but if I use Json.NET from Component Store it gives me some errors:

    1. Error CS1061: Type Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices.MobileServiceJsonSerializerSettings' does not contain a definition forTraceWriter' and no extension method TraceWriter' of typeMicrosoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices.MobileServiceJsonSerializerSettings' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? (CS1061) (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices)

    2./../sdk/managed/src/Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices/Table/Serialization/MobileServiceSerializer.cs(37,37): Error CS1501: No overload for method TryGetValue' takes3' arguments (CS1501) (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices)

    3./azure-mobile-services-xamarin/sdk/managed/src/Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices/Table/Serialization/MobileServiceSerializer.cs(49,49): Error CS1501: No overload for method ToObject' takes2' arguments (CS1501) (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices)

    Then I got latest version of Json.NET from here:

    and I used assembly from /Portable4.0/ folder and it works fine at compile time, but on runtime, when deploying to simulator I got this error:

    Could not load 'Newtonsoft.Json' for registration: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.
    at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly:GetTypes (System.Reflection.Assembly,bool)
    at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () [0x00000] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/mono/mcs/class/corlib/System.Reflection/Assembly.cs:351
    at MonoTouch.Registrar.OldDynamicRegistrar.RegisterAssembly (System.Reflection.Assembly a) [0x00000] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/monotouch/src/ObjCRuntime/OldDynamicRegistrar.cs:67

    This could be due to an outdated assembly kept by the simulator, location: /Users/myuser/Downloads/Json50r8/Bin/Portable/Newtonsoft.Json.dll

    And then when call method that reference Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices.dll, I got TypeLoadException without signifiant details.

    So question is, what Json.NET implementation you use in latest Xamarin'sMicrosoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices? or what is cause of this issue?

  • cristophcristoph ROMember, Beta

    Just FYI: after upgrading to latest versions of Xamarin Studio (Version 4.2.1),Xamarin.Android Version: 4.10.1 and Xamarin.iOS Version:
    all works fine using Json.NET 5.0.8

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