Errors everywhere. Intellisense not working.

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First of all, i'm new to Xamarin. I have never developed for any mobile device before. Most of my experience is with VB.NET but I can handle C# just fine.
I want to create a cross platform app so I start with a new project and select the Cross-Platform App (Xamarin Forms) and select the Blank App template to create the solution. I open the App.xaml.cs file and the first thing I see is red lines everywhere. The error list shows I have 19 errors and I haven't even touched one line of code! Clean and rebuild have no effect. Shutting down Visual Studio and reopening the solution does have effect. All the errors disappeared like magic. Ok, that's weird but maybe there is a good explanation... anyone?

I add a new item, the Master Detail Page and I name it "myMaster". It builds and runs fine. Then I want to rename the class in myMaster.xaml.cs to "myMaster2". Visual Studio suggest that I rename all references and that sounds good to me. I then get an error saying

The file '' could not be refactored. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I continue the refactoring and I see the same error multiple times. After that my project shows no errors but the build fails and running the app fails too. I close Visual Studio (again) and reopen the solution. Still no errors but Rebuild Solution keeps failing.
I also manually changed the x:Class in the XAML file to FormsTest.myMaster2 because that didn't change with the refactor. Bug?

Is Visual Studio 2017 still in beta or something? Is intellisense not working well? Or is it just me as a newbie?
It is very hard to start working with Xamarin if you cannot rely on the editor. These are just some examples of problems I have run into. No actual code has been written. It's just that I want to quit before even getting started with Xamarin. It all feels so buggy.

I'm working with Visual Studio Professional 2017 version 15.5.7.

[edit] I also notice that when changes are made in the xaml files the code behind xaml.cs does not notice the changes. A restart of VS is required to get them to show up.


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    I am trying to learn Xamarin.Forms but feel like I should wait. Just when I think I finally have it working, the next time I run it I get an error saying something else needs to be loaded... I am running latest versions of everything....

    I have been a developer for almost 20 years and I do not give up very easily...but I give up.

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