Windows/Android emulator on VS parallels

Hi guys,

I have just set up my macbook with Parallels with VS 2015 installed on Win 10. I'm able to run my app on an iOS emulator without any issues.

I do have some issues with Windows and Android though.

  1. With the android emulator, I can't launch the x86/64 version because I can't install Intel HAXM on my parallel-ized Win 10 machine. Intel HAXM can't be installed in a virtual environment - is what I've gathered. How can I speed up my android emulator? Are there any workarounds for this because launching the ARM version of the emulator is extremely slow.

  2. I can't seem to launch the Windows Mobile emulator within he parallel-ized Win 10 environment as well. Is this normal? Are there any workarounds?


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