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Usb attach/detach event, device type

KeskinOnurKeskinOnur USMember ✭✭

I've been trying to get the device information which is connected to mac via usb. As you know when you connect your device, let's say you have an iPad 4 named as "iPad 4 Purple", visual studio for mac shows that device by it's name. So i'm thinking if studio can get the name, maybe we can too. I've tried using LibUsbDotNet but when i get the list of devices it doesn't return device info, after a research i found out that it actually doesn't work with iOS devices. My goal is to catch the usb attached event and then get the type/name/model (whichever to help me identify the device, btw name is not very reliable so others are better) of the device. I know that there's a command to get devices (including simulators and physical devices, xcrun instruments -s devices) but this returns name and uuid, and again name may not be reliable.

So do you guys have any idea on how to catch these events and get some info from device?


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