How to update application when values are being changed in AppConstant.cs file?

Hello Friends,

I have created AppConstant.cs file to use different constant values. Now consider an example of Font Size. A variable DefaultFontSize is declared and value of it is being set from database table Setting. Using this DefaultFontSize other font size are defined.

    public static double NormalFontSize = CSettingsLocal.GetIntValue("DefaultFontSize", "DefaultFontSize", 10, false);
    public static double LargeFontSize = NormalFontSize + 14;
    and so on...

Now I go to Setting Form and change the DefaultFontSize. I want the Font Size in all application screen gets changed however right now it is showing changes only after I close the application and open it again.

How can I make the changes work after saving the setting instead of close and open the application again?



    you should use INotifychangeproperty everyplace and mode as twoway

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