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Does HttpListener Work in Native Store/Hosted Environments?

MikeEEEMikeEEE USMember ✭✭✭

Hello Community,

I have been exploring the amazingly innovative the work of Ooui lately, which allows Xamarin.Forms to work on a webpage by establishing a websocket bridge between a locally-hosted server within the client by way of an HttpListener, and the client itself by way of a WebView that points to URL of the hosted HttpListener. This is all done within the hosted environment of the client application. So, conceivably this could be within the context of a store-hosted Droid application, an iOS application, and/or a UWP application.

The question is... is this allowed within these hosted store environments? Please keep in mind that the communication is strictly within the hosted process and does not go outside of it.

For reference, I managed to do a quick test on a UWP application locally which seems to work locally, but then I see posts such as this one that seem to imply that this is not possible in a store hosted environment (that is, actually deployed to a hosted store rather than on the developer's machine).

Can someone who has actually deployed to a hosted environment/store verify that this would work (or not) in said environments?

Thank you for any assistance you can lend!


  • MikeEEEMikeEEE USMember ✭✭✭


  • JaneDoe321JaneDoe321 Member

    Greetings MikeEEE, so you've created quite the kerfuffle around these parts, first let me say that we couldn't agree with you more about the wonderful Ooui framework , many of us believe that this ethereal little framework very well could be a real game changer and possibly keep .Net relevant long into the future, when I found out that no one had reach out to let you know about what been going on I felt that I must at least let you know where things stand as of now, I'm taking a bit of a risk here reaching out to you, some of what I'm about to reveal is not know outside the group , but I felt given the nature of your question and the implications being so profound I felt I simply must. first some background, many feel allowing HttpListener would be a security nightmare , but given the immense power that would be unleashed in such scenarios the majority of us feel it's a no brainer, and while it's not currently supported we feel we could make it happen
    in a relatively short time frame, here's the rub, our current team leader and decision maker is leaving the group to head up TFS , some are saying I may be next in line for the job, which would greatly simplify matters, even then there will still be the Windows group and the W3C committees, but given our leverage we think we can pull this off!, in the mean time any examples of this AMAZING technology would greatly appreciated, we had intended to present something along these line at the next Build conference and are going to make every effort to make it a reality by then, you have all our deepest gratitude for bringing this to our attention and look forward to working with you in the future.

    Sarah Farnsworth - Internal Technical Support

    p.s. Are you planning on attending Build?

  • MikeEEEMikeEEE USMember ✭✭✭

    Hi Sarah, thank you for your reply. To be sure, the HttpListener is only accepting connections within its own process, so from a security perspective nothing technically changes or is required to make this work. That is, no external connections are made or needed. Everything is within the process of the client application and from what I understand, that should "just work" as there are no limitations/restrictions around this.

    Nonetheless, you've inspired me to make an issue of this on Ooui's board to make sure for a 100% verifiable fact. :) If anyone wants to help out, you can find this here:

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!

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