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How to add and use the .Net Framework to a project?

greetings I am new in visual studio and with Xamarin.forms I am trying to make a multiplatform app, the app requires that I use a nuget package but that package is 100% compatible with the .Net standard 2.0 that I am using so when compiling it gives me a series of warning and errors, I want to change to the .Net Framework 4.6.1 that my VS recommends but when I try to change I can not since it does not give me the option to select another .Net Framework attached an image where I highlight the problem and with the warning messages that I find after compiling, it seems strange to me since I have installed the .Net Framework from 3.5 to 4.7.1 but it does not give me the option to use them. Please help me with this problem if you can tell me how to use the different versions of the .Net Framework, I thank them and please can explain it to me in an easy way since as I mention I am new and it is costing me a lot to understand these things I appreciate it a lot.!


  • acejack15acejack15 Member ✭✭

    I leave you the images, check that the versions of the .Net Standard are there but I want to use the .Net Framework and it does not give me the option to use them in the other images. You can see the versions that I have installed.

    20.png 54.3K
  • acejack15acejack15 Member ✭✭

    framework versions and warnings that I get when compiling

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