IOS Simulatore throwing fatal error message

While running the app in IOS simulator, it throws following error message. "a fatal error occured while trying to start the server".

I am using visual studio 2017.
IOS simulator version is IPhone 6 iOS 11.1

In mac,
Xcode is 9 and remote session also enabled and it should be connected in to my machine.

How to resolve this issue. kindly guide me if any one knows?


  • ManojkumarMaliManojkumarMali USMember ✭✭✭

    Verify whether you have latest iOS version on both windows as well as mac machines.

  • Mani787Mani787 INMember ✭✭✭

    @ManojkumarMali ,
    yes, i have verified. On both machine i have installed latest iOS version.

  • zairnaimzairnaim Member

    You can disable the ios windows simulator. Simply go to tools > options > xamarin > ios settings. There should be a checkbox that you can disable called "remote simulator to windows". This will open the simulator on the mac instead. This is more of a work around than a fix.

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