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Hope this is not a stupid question, but how can I figure out that a fixed/closed github issue in which xamarin version will be released?

For example, I am facing serious Xamarin bugs (which prevent to release Apps on both iOS and Android).
So first, I checked, and both are reported, Android, and iOS.

Now I see, both are closed, i.e.: fixed.
If I go to Xamarin nuget page, I see there is a newer version ( than mine.

My questions:
1. How can I know about a closed github issue, in which version is it going to be released? E.g.: my 2 closed issues, in which Xamarin version will be released?
2. And other way around, how can I know which issues have been fixed, for example in So I could check if my 2 closed issues are in this release?

PS: in Github, I see at one item "vNext (Target 3.0.0)", at other item "vNext+1 (Target master)"?
The first suggests it will be in 3.0.0 (but is it already in the 3.0.0-pre version??)
The second vNext+1 (Target master) is... which version?

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