Why cant I debug my application from my PC to my iPhone 7?

So I purchased my MacBook Pro yesterday..
And this iw what I did.
I downloaded Visual Studio for Mac
I downloaded XCode 9.2
I created a new project and fixed the whole team thing in preferences.
I can now debug the applications I code using Swift or Objectove C from my Macbook. (Which is so dumb because I want to use C# with Xamarin)

That's it for the mac setup.
Then I went to my PC and I installed Xamarin for visual studio.
I connect to my Mac.

Now.. I plugin my iPhone to the PC and try to debug, doesnt work I keep getting this message.
Could not find any available provisioning profiles for iOS
And then it would say Please select a valud device before running the application

Now I'm like aaalright? Let's google this, and I did for a good 4 hours.
You would not believe how undocumented that is.
Anyways, read something about that it's not possible to debug the application from your PC unless your device is plugged into the Mac.
So I plugged it in and tried it again.. Same issue.
When I rightclick my application and go to properties and then check iOS bundle Signing it looks like this.
There is no provisioning profile, doesnt matter what I chose in the Signing Identity.
https: // i.imgur . com/ l0yOiNn.png

And another issue is that no matter where I plug the iPhone in, My Mac.. My PC..
I can't see the device in the device log in Visual Studio.

Any ideas?


  • JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @binarybunny Ok a few things for you. First, don't plug your iPhone into your PC. That just won't work. It needs to be plugged into the Mac.
    Next, have you run Visual Studio for Mac on the Mac? Try that, and see if you can create a simple app and deploy it.


  • CanseryCansery Member

    You need to check the version you downloaded , it is PC version or Mac version ?
    By the way , in my opinion , it is can be easy to do if you connect your iPhone to Mac .in this way , i have succeed to move my app and other data between iPhone and Mac

  • ChrisColeTechChrisColeTech USMember ✭✭✭

    It sounds like you're doing everything right.
    -Make sure you update your iPhone to the latest iOS
    -Make sure you download the NEW XCode 9.3 BETA 4
    -You can install Xcode 9.2 and Xcode 9.3 Beta 4 side by side.

    On the Mac:

    • plug in your iPhone and open iTunes.
      -WAIT for iTunes to recognize your iPhone.
      -if iTunes does not recognize your device THEN YOU HAVE AN ISSUE
      -On the mac, go into 'System Preferences', select 'Networking' and make sure your iPhone appears on the list and says 'connected'.
      -Try different USB cables, rebooting the device, reboot the mac...and just keep trying until it recognizes your device

    On the Windows PC:

    • open visual studio
      -Change the drop down from 'iPhoneSimulator' -> to 'iPhone'

    And the name of your iPhone will be displayed on the 'debug' button in Visual Studio.

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