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Can I become a Xamarin Consulting Partner

synixiasynixia Member

I have been working on Xamarin since 2012 and Xamarin Forms since 2014. I have build around 12 Apps with Xamarin (However as a consultant to other companies and none were delivered directly to the client). I worked as an independent consultant for 7 years and now I have a small company (<10 developers) where we build Mobile Apps on iOS, Android and Xamarin (Both Native and Forms). I have also delivered more than 15 Xamarin trainings over the last 3 years.
Am I eligible for Xamarin Consulting Partner under some scheme. I use community edition for our development or work on Client Licensed machine remotely.


  • veeru3112veeru3112 INMember ✭✭

    Hi, As per my knowledge for Xamarin Consulting Partner your Organisation must have 3 or more Xamarin Certified Developers or Professionals , kindly check with their guidelines.

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