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error MSB6006: "apksigner.BAT" since upgrading to VS 15.6

JonathanRosanowskiJonathanRosanowski USMember ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Xamarin.Android

Has anyone had any problem with the signing their apks while deploying since upgrading to VS 15.6? If I run the command that VS is using on the command line I get the message.

Missing input APK

BUT note the apk file is definitely in the directory that the command is using.

Is VS 15.6 the first version to use apksigner rather than jarsigner? Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?

Just to make it stranger, it's fine with the debug.keystore but not our app keystore which we've been using without issue for about 4 years.

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  • JonathanRosanowskiJonathanRosanowski US ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    So the problem is we had a % in the password. Now that Xamarin is calling a .bat file you have to double the percentage signs in the password.


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