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Entry element Coodinates


I have page with entries inside stacklayout and scrollview, when i click on entry then how can i find coordinates of that entry(X, Y).


  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @BhaurajBiradar.9064 - It is possible (relative to the ContentPage's Content anyway), for example by iterating up from the Entry to its Parent and then to the Parent's Parent etc. totaling the X and totaling the Y coordinates, but why would you want to?

  • BhaurajBiradar.9064BhaurajBiradar.9064 USMember ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018

    Hi @JohnHardman - I have 6 entry fields in stacklayout which is inside a scrollview, when i tap 4th entry box i am unable to see 5th entry due to keyboard. wants to find the exact co-ordinates for entry and then i will scroll the page +50 with default scroll when taps on entry box. this might shows next entry box.. do you have any best and very simple sollutions
    for android and ios, Or is there any scrollviewrenderer which helps for this.

  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @BhaurajBiradar.9064 - Did you try the code I supplied on one of the other threads you've started related to this subject, that one at ? That code scrolls to the next Entry and focuses it when the Completed handler is fired on the current Entry (i.e. when the user hits the Done button on the soft keyboard, or whatever name (e.g. Next) the Done button has for the current Entry).

    That behavior is more appropriate, as you may hit issues on small devices with the approach you describe, particularly when a small device is held in landscape orientation.

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