LLVM optimizing compiler disabled in Ad-Hoc mode

JimBMJimBM GBMember ✭✭

Why am I unable to select the LLVM optimizing compiler build option in Ad-Hoc mode but not release mode. Can an IPA be created in release mode?


  • mrmiagi0101mrmiagi0101 DEMember ✭✭

    I have the same problem. In ad-hoc configuration "Use the LLVM optimizing compiler" checkbox is disabled. Enable debugging is already unchecked. Any idea?

  • JimBMJimBM GBMember ✭✭

    Select Release.
    Go to the iOS properties, select LLVM in the build settings.
    Go to iOS IPA Options, select Build iTunes Package Archive
    The release .IPA is here -> YourApp\YourSolution\App.iOS\bin\iPhone\Release\App.iOS.ipa

  • ZoliZoli NLMember ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018

    Same issue, even for "AppStore" configuration it is disabled. Only "Release" shows LLVM enabled, all other case: disabled. All debug options are off - obviously, so it is not a user error, but something in the Xamarin IDE.

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