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App suddenly “stuck” and not processing UI updates but keeps responsive

Currently I have strange problems that remind me of working with the WPF Dispatcher from earlier times.
In WPF my workaround was to increase the dispatcher invoke priority.

In Xamarin Android I work around this issue by calling "uiProgressBar.Invalidate(); uiProgressBar.RequestLayout();" at specific stages to force and update.

A short description of my scenario:

I am using a ListView. Every list element has a ProgressBar. When I start updating serveral ProgressBar's in parallel the GUI descides to stop updating the progress after some time but keeps responsive to touch events, pan, etc.

I am working with async await.

I have also noticed that the problem mainly occures when using Release Mode with the option "Bundle assemblies into native code".

Hopefully someone can help me, or tell me if this is a bug or expected behavior.
Thank you for help in advance.


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