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Master Detail Page UWP Renderer

RicardoJarreeRicardoJarree USMember ✭✭
edited August 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

Now I'm having a great time with Xamarin.Forms, being a freelancer it really makes my life easy when it comes to making apps! I have been using CustomRenderers and DependencyService to make some really native looking apps.

At the moment when I make an app in the main App.cs file when choosing the MainPage I check to see if the user is using iOS. If they are then they get sent to a tabbed page, if not then they get sent to a master detail page. This has been working really well!

The main issue I have with MasterDetailPage is in UWP though, the UWP design guidelines suggest then when the hamburger menu is closed then you should be able to still see the icons of the menu just not the text. In a sense it just changes the size of the menu from 300px to 50px so you can only see the icons.

Has anyone managed to get the MasterDetailPage to do the same in Xamarin.Forms? Of course only on tablets and desktops, not phones.


  • vsh_rulezvsh_rulez Member ✭✭

    Hi RicardoJaree,
    I'm also looking for a similar solution , can you post if you have any updates.


  • RicardoJarreeRicardoJarree USMember ✭✭

    As of yet no, when I get a chance I am going to have ago at creating a custom navigation page with a custom renderer for UWP, would also be good for Android as the menu could be a lot more material if you created a custom renderer. As for iOS I normally do a check for the device and will send that to a tabbed page instead as I feel using a master detail in iOS is bad design unless on an iPad.

    Will post here if I come up with a working solution!

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