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Akavache loss information on IOS

We are using Akavache on project, in Android everything works great but on iOS we had some issue that is if we save a key value in the cache like this:

public async void Salvar(Login login) { await BlobCache.LocalMachine.InsertObject("login", login); }

BlobCache will save without erros, if i stop the debug session, and start again the debug and try do get the value using:

    public async Task<Login> Recuperar()
                    var dados = await BlobCache.LocalMachine.GetObject<Login>("login");

                    return dados;
                catch (KeyNotFoundException)
                    return null;

i will get the KeyNotFoundException, i dont know why in Android works great but on iOS seeams that the database is gone after restart the app.

in my Xamarin config on Visual Studio check Preserve application data/cache on device between deploys is true and my

BlobCache.ApplicationName = "AppName";
at OnStar Method

Anyone knows what is happening? thanks


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