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Getting started with Xamarin.Mac development

PreranaPrerana INMember ✭✭

Hello all,

I am completely new to the Mac or ios development.I have a desktop application completely in C#,now i want to port that application on Mac using Xamarin.Mac
I started with the Hello_Mac tutorial,_mac/, but after that i didnot find any tutorial regarding UI or further concepts in Mac...How should i move further??..Can someone lead me to correct direction???...

Thanks a ton in advance!


  • Hi @Prerana

    I suggest you have a look at the samples. After that this forum, mailing lists and stackoverflow are pretty much your other resources. Xamarin.Mac is not very well document in my opinion. Don't hesitate to search/post as much questions as you can here so that it can become a reliable source. I suggest you escalate to support if you don't get answers.

    If you have 0 knowledge in Cocoa and ObjC and especially no source code to begin with, I guess you should start with getting to know more about that.

    Good luck!

  • PreranaPrerana INMember ✭✭

    Hi @David,

    Yes looking at the samples i did found mac samples
    But it would have been great if there were proper tutorials like they have for android and ios..That would have really helped people like me with actually ZERO knowledge about this development platform..

    Nevertheless i will definately make full use of forums and support.

    Thanks alot @David..:)

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