Table and button working on every device except iPad

So I have a problem that is really stumping me. I have a page that looks like this:

This works on every device and platform (only targeting iOS and Android) except for the iPad. When I try it on the iPad, the menu hamburger icon and the ListView are unresponsive. The same code for the tablet works on an Android tablet. Anyone have any ideas on how to debug? This is how Im attaching the menu icon click handler (which is not firing):

var menuClicked = new TapGestureRecognizer();
menuClicked.Tapped += menu_Tapped;

And this is how Im adding the table underneath the navigation bar (which is custom made using a grid)

var contentView = new ContentView();
contentView.Padding = new Thickness(0, -6, 0, 0);
var messagesView = new MessagesView();
contentView.Content = messagesView;


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