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Binding that works in debug/release and also inside simulator ?

TonyGodtTonyGodt DKMember ✭✭

I have now been playing around with Object Sharpie.

I have been using this controls, that was once inside the "Components" section of Xamarin Studio.

But as they are gone, and that component has grown too old, I need to update it - the control itself lives inside CocoaPods :

I have tried using Sharpie, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around how to end up with a DLL that has both debug/release code and also works inside the simulator.

Any ideas, help ? Thanks...


  • tuyenvtuyenv VNUniversity ✭✭✭

    Plz follow strictly guide from Xamarin here

    At this time, Sharpie isn't quite good as it was, so you need to read document carefully to gain all required knowledge.

    If you still in doubt, I could provide a live-session to help you create this binding library :).


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