AWSDK v1.2 working for anyone else?

I'm unable to get the AWSDK integrated with my Xamarin Android application.

Even the sample application I downloaded from the Xamarin Component Store does not work.

Same error every time -

02-02 11:27:24.507 D/AirWatch(22663): Create new instance of crypto library 02-02 11:27:24.559 W/art (22663): CheckJNI: method to register "awGetCertificateData" not in the given class. This is slow, consider changing your RegisterNatives calls. 02-02 11:27:24.559 E/art (22663): Failed to register native method com.airwatch.crypto.openssl.OpenSSLWrapper.awGetCertificateData([BI)[B in /data/app/com.airwatch.xamarinsampleapp-1/base.apk:classes2.dex

Is anyone else having the same problem?




  • jamescrjamescr Member

    In the meantime downgrading to release v1.1.1 which seems to work properly!

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