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nhalenhale DEMember


I read through the licences and have a few questions.

1.) As soon as I register a company for the idea I'm currently developing, I have to buy a "Business" or "Enterprise" licence...right?

2.) As far as understood the "Starter" licence does not allow me to develop an app with a certain amount of IL code. I read something about 32k. As I did not ran through my latest projects and measured the compiled IL code on the exact KB - I don't have any clue what the size of my final app will be. Any ideas how to make this number more real?

3.) Additionally the "Starter" licence does not allow me to use P/invoke third-party libraries. As I did not try Xamarin until now, does this also include the native iOS/Android libraries, or just some .dll I donwload from the internet? So to keep it short, can I use the device capabilities without restriction or is this already limited?

4.) "Visual Studio Support" is only available in the "Business" license, but it says ", debug and deploy iOS and Android apps...". If I don't need to debug and deploy from VS, am I still able to develop my app or is VS completely not support by any licence except "Business" and "Enterprise"?

These are my questions.

Additionally a comment to the pricing (maybe someone from Xamarin reads it)
I know you are a startup (already read this argument in some other posts), but even then as far as I understood the licences right now it's currently unattractive to me. Let me give you an example (as my answers are currently not answered, it will be based on how I understood the licences right now).

An app sold for about 1€ or $1 (which is a price to make it attractive), would require between 600-1000 downloads to pay the price for only 1 year Xamarin subscription, to pay any additional update required by iOS/Android updates would require the same number again - every year...and then no other expenses are paid.
Comparing the same with Adobe Photoshop, when I buy the Elements edition, I pay about 80€. If I want the full functionality I have to pay about 1300€ ($1600). The difference is, that I get the full features without any limitation for unlimited time (and my CS3 licence is now 5 years old - and still works). And if I really want a newer version I can buy an update for a much lower price. Additionally, there are enough tools and newer versions which also work with my .psd files - does Xamarin still exist in 5 years, what happens with my project if not...

As a private developer I don't need any support, I'm old enough to use Google.
I don't want to be restricted in the API's I can call or the amount of code I'm allowed to write.
And if you tell me that I can benefit from my C# knowledge, hell why don't let me use the standard development environment for C# - which is VS...

The "Indie" licence with VS support and the freedom to use WCF and SQL (System.* libraries) for $99 - and I'm sure more hobbyists and private developers will buy a licence without thinking twice about it - I would also buy one for Windows and a separate for Mac. Because if I buy Photoshop Elements, a PS3 game or some other gadget wouldn't make a difference for me - because it's below the magic $100 ;-) think about it, if you want to earn some money.



  • StefanSchoebStefanSchoeb CHBeta, University

    You are not the only one asking for a better licencing model..

    But not sure whether they care about their uservoices...

    To answer your question 4: No you can not. You can not even open a project.

  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey GBMember ✭✭✭

    It would be good to hear from the Xamarin team on this issue, I believe we were told Xamarin where 'reviewing' the price structure shortly after updating it (and the subsequent complaints) but still no update..

    I would love to be developing my own apps at home, but the Starter/Indie licenses are too limited. On top of that the tools are not stable, paying a top end license price for a product which is still experiencing MANY growing pains is a serious detractor.

  • JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod
    1. I don't think anything limits you from using the Indie license if you have a company established, or even if you're an employee a mega-monster-corp
  • GrueGrue USMember

    There should really be only one consideration when setting the price plan for Xamarin: What prices will generate the most income for Xamarin (the company), both now and in the future?

    I don't know the answer to that question, but I'm pretty sure it's not $1000 per platform, per developer, per year. And I have a feeling no Xamarin employee knows the answer to that question, either.

    At the current prices, Xamarin is just begging for some larger company to step in and offer an alternative that costs a fraction of what Xamarin is charging. And that alternative doesn't necessarily have to be better or even as good; it just has to be good enough and affordable enough that more developers will be willing to take a chance and invest in it.

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