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How to use asset catalog with vector pdf iOS

Umar3xUmar3x FRMember ✭✭✭

Hello all,

I'm trying to add images to the iOS project of my SCL following the new "apple way". I added a new asset images catalog to the iOS project and a new vector image to pdf format. The doc says it will automatically generates according images at compile time but I don't see any images.

I already have asset catalog for appIcon and launchImages, and its working well. I noticed that I don't have a line referencing the new added catalog of images in the info.plist.

  • How can I load it (I thought it would do it alone) properly ? What's the syntax to refer to it in info.plist ?

  • Final question : Can I use the vector image in my project as a source for image of xamarin forms like I do now to refer to Android images stored in Resources => Image ="imageName" . Or should I use .png images like the old way to use the same reference in my SCL project ?

I want to load an Image for pin on map and I thought pdf file will help me to solve resolution probs for iOS project (As I can't figure out what resolution to use to get a nice image on iOS, its always too small or too big using x1 x2 x3 compared to my Android proj).

I've been following the doc presented here :


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