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i am trying to connect mobile via Bluetooth at that time i want to show indicator with message, how can i do this?


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    Try doing this
    in your Xaml

            <Grid> EveryThing That you have and are going to mask under the loading</Grid>
                <!--LOADING GRID START-->
                    IsVisible="{Binding ProcessIndicator}"
                        Color="White" />
                <!--LOADING GRID ENDS-->

    and in your ViewModel.cs

            private bool _processIndicator;
                    public bool ProcessIndicator
                        get { return _processIndicator; }
                        set { _processIndicator = value; OnPropertyChanged("ProcessIndicator"); }

    and when you start some process or API call set

            ProcessIndicator = true;
            // Do API CALL or Perform Your Operations.
            ProcessIndicator = false;

    Should Do The thing.!

  • betakarthikbetakarthik INMember ✭✭

    My problem was I want to show indicator in interface method both the platforms ios and android because there is no direct method for Bluetooth connectivity in xamarin forms so that I was implemented using interfaces during the process of connectivity I want to show indicator.

    could anyone suggest me?

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