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Building iOS app gives many errors about missing image assets

JeffSiemensJeffSiemens USMember ✭✭

Since upgrading to the latest version of Xamarin iOS (10.8), I get multiple errors about missing icon asset images (from an image catalog). Missing files include: Icon.png, Icon-180x180.png, Icon-120x120.png, Icon-152x152, Icon-Small.png, etc. The weird thing is that none of these images are referenced in the catalog (Contents.json), and I never had this error before upgrading. I thought that with image catalogs, the png file names could be named whatever you wanted, rather than the old convention based naming convention, so I'm puzzled as to why it's looking for these specific file names. I couldn't find any documentation on which specific file names were created, so I used a tool to generate a whack of images, and even that wasn't enough - the Xamarin build still wanted more. Now I have 47 images in my image catalog. This seems really excessive, but it was the path of least resistance to get the build to work.

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