Cleaning up Android frameworks

Currently Android frameworks are taking up 10.8GB of disk space. I have a whole list of them under /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.Android.framework:

  • 8.0.0-33
  • 8.0.2-1
  • 8.1.0-25
  • 7.1.0-2
  • 7.3.1-2
  • 7.4.0-21
  • 7.4.3-1
  • 7.4.5-1
  • 7.4.0-19
  • 7.0.1-2
  • 7.0.1-3
  • 7.0.2-37
  • 6.1.2-21

Each taking from 615MB-830MB. In SDK manager (platforms) in Visual Studio I have Android 7.1 (platform 25, 81MB) and Android 7.0 (platform 24, x86 atom and atom_64 and Google APIs 777MB) selected. So there is about a 9GB discrepancy there.

There is also 13GB taken up in ~/Library/Developer/Xamarin by android-sdk-macosx and android-ndk. The size reported in the manager (tools) is off by an order of magnitude or so (700MB reported vs 6GB disk space used up). The NDK is unchecked in the SDK manager, reporting 800MB size, but is taking 6GB of disk space.

As far as I can see there is no correlation between the SDK manager and what I've got on disk. Is there some way (short of a complete uninstall, clean up, and reinstall of Visual Studio) that I can figure out what I can safely delete? The SDK manager doesn't appear to actually be managing much of anything as far as I can tell.


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  • ColinYoungColinYoung USMember

    Excellent. Thank you!

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