Xamarin Live Player : Unable to deploy to xxx Player

trishelwoodtrishelwood ✭✭USMember ✭✭

Xamarin Live Player could not displaying preview, When run Live Player that time display Unable to deploy to XXXX and Failed to debug your app.

  • Device and Emulator connected to VS2017, But it always display Unreachable in Xamarin Live Player Window
  • My PC was connected to LAN and Device use same wifi network


  • VictorNguyen1902VictorNguyen1902 ✭✭ USMember ✭✭
    edited December 2017

    I also ran into this same issue while testing out the Live Player on my home machine.

    • VS Community 2017
    • Machine was connected using ethernet port and Device was on the same wifi network

      Attempting connection to debug address: ......
      Unable to deploy to ....., please ensure the Xamarin Live Player app is open and the device is on the same network as Visual Studio.

    Version: 1.3.117

    Nevermind I forgot to turn off my VPN ... It works fine now

  • MatejKrhinMatejKrhin ✭✭ SIMember ✭✭
    edited February 2018

    Try to check Xamarin Player app permissions in Adnroid/Applikacion settings ;)

  • Son_of_JShreeSon_of_JShree USMember

    @MatejKrhin , thank you. It resolves the issue.

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