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PCL is missing?

After reinstalling Visual Studio, I can't seem to create a PCL let alone find it.

File->New Project->Visual C#->Cross-Platform

(err...can't post a link)
imgur . com/a/KTTtg

Stuff that I have installed from Visual Studio Installer

  • .Net desktop development
  • Python development
  • Data, Storage and Processing
  • Mobile Development with .Net
  • Game Development with Unity
  • Visual Studio extension development

Am I missing a component?

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  • SeanDSheepSeanDSheep PHMember ✭✭

    Oh I see thank you

  • HubertGrahamHubertGraham JMUniversity ✭✭

    @ClintStLaurent said:
    PCL is deprecated. Replaced by .NET Standard in VS 2017. The new templates for new project don't include it.
    But... You can make a new .NET Standard solution.. add a PCL project... Then migrate to that. Basically the same process as going from PCL to .NET standard that had to be done for a while - only backward.

    But How exactly does one migrate?

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